Artist’s style is rooted in the amalgamation of the “neo symbolism” weaved around figurative subjects through which I attempt to preserve a relationship between the image and a soul. the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.Where Artist is fascinated by the inner world of fantasy 

Each painting will have a different story to tell, it will broach a mythical setting upon first glance only to be then unearthed and to transcend you into the deeper experiences of my outerworld.

My colour pallette is predominantly earthy such as ochre, red and green and as it burst at seams around my motifsyou will realize how I reinforce my connection with the mother earth using those symbols. 

Though I predominately offer a multi layered perception of a common man with his outer environment using neo-symbolist style, I also ensure to stay attuned to my Indian art forms and aesthetics as well.

I employ my love for miniaturist paintings and different forms of folk art in my visual lexicon. My perspectives and narratives are steeped in the Basohli miniaturist tradition and a direct reflection of my background.

Having said that I am learning and developing an attitude to art where I give myself freedom to not be attached to any specific technique. I don’t feel there was any beginning and Im not sure there will be any end. Im always inside the process. 

‘Miles and Miles to go before I sleep’ –  R. Frost